Solubilizers and solvents > for solid dosage forms and topical applications


Kollidon®, Soloplus®, KolliphorTM, Kollisolv®


Soloplus® is a polyvinyl caprolactam-polyvinyl acetat-polyethylen
glycol graftcopolymer.
Kollidon® 12 PF and Kollidon® 17 PF are polyvinyl pyrrolidone and are pyrogen-free. They are of low molecular weight.


Soluplus® is an emulsifier for HME (hot melt extrusion).
Kollidon® 12 PF and Kollidon® 17 PF are used as solubilizer and solvent in injectables and ophthalmic preparations.
KolliphorTM P is used as solubilizer, solvent, lubricant and in thermo-gelling applications.
Kollisolv® is a solvent for oral and topical applications.