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Glysantin® > engine coolant, rust & frost protection concentrates

Engine coolant concentrates: Glysantin® type

Glysantin® types are engine coolant concentrates based on ethylene glycol for water cooled engines. Available are products of all inhibitor technologies. The Glysantin® brand is now one of the world's most frequently-used products for initial filling. The ethylene glycol coolant concentrate is continuously adapted to the latest requirements of the leading car manufacturers, to protect the engine of any car against corrosion, overheating and frost.   

Rust protection

Glysantin® cooling concentrate protects all the materials used in cooling systems, such as gray cast iron, cast aluminium, steel and brass, against corrosion. After all, if there is no protection, water and high temperatures produce ideal conditions for corrosion in the cooling system.

Overheating protection

In the summer, Glysantin® cooling concentrate protects against breakdowns. Ethylene glycol, the main component of Glysantin®, not only lowers the freezing point of water, but also raises its boiling point, thereby preventing the radiator from boiling over. In addition, Glysantin® also prevents deposits from forming inside the radiator. Deposits could quickly block the fine cooling channels in the radiator and severely impair the release of heat to the ambient air, with the result that the engine could easily overheat during hot summer weather.

Frost protection

The ethylene glycol based cooling concentrate protects the cooling liquid from freezing. In the cold season, there is the risk of the water in a vehicle’s cooling system freezing in winter temperatures. In the worst case, the expanding ice could crack the radiator and engine block.


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