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UVB filters > for skin and sun care products

BTC offers the most extensive range of UVB filters for any personal care application.




Uvinul® MC 80 is approved worldwide and is globally the most frequently used UVB filter. It has outstanding purity, is odourless, colourless and hence suitable for perfume free formulations. It is an excellent solvent for other solid UV filters and is freely miscible with cosmetic oils.
Uvinul® MC 80N is the unstabilised alternative to Uvinul® MC 80.
Uvinul® N539T is an oil-miscible UVB filter, which is globally approved for suncare and daily care preparations. As it is miscible with many cosmetic oils, it can be incorporated into the oily phase of an emulsion. A further feature of Uvinul® N539T is its excellent photostability, and its ability to stabilise butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane.
Uvinul® T150 is a highly effective UVB filter with an exceptionally high absorptivity. Due to the very high absorbency only small concentrations are required in cosmetic suncare preparations in order to achieve a high SPF value. The polar nature of Uvinul® T150 enables its good affinity to the keratin in the skin. Thus formulations in which Uvinul® T150 is used are particularly water-resistant. This property is further enhanced by its complete insolubility in water.


Uvinul® types are used as UVB filters in all kinds of sun care products.