Silicates > as anorganic binders and additives

Silicates are used as inorganic binders and additives. They are able to bind solid inorganic particles in different applications. Specifically in the foundry industry they replace organic binders, as their heat stability and resistance to chemicals is superior.


Nuclesil®, Silirit®, Grossil®, Trasol®, Cycloquart®, Sodium silicates, Potassium silicates


Silirit® is a liquid binder.
Trasol® is an aqueous solution of potassium silicate, used as inorganic binder for silicate coatings, paints and plasters.
Cycloquart® is a chloride-free additive.
BTC’s potassium silicates are aqueous solutions of alkali silicates.


Nuclesil® is a base for SiO2 containing products. It is used as inorganic binder in the foundry industry.
Silirit® finds applications in silicate based mortars and compounds.
Grossil® is used as a binder for welding rods.
Trasol® is an implemental to manufacture coatings, paints and plasters. It is used in architectural coatings, for example restoration.  
Cycloquart® is used for the manufacture of organosilicate paints and plasters. It is also finds applications as viscosity regulator in silicates coatings and plasters.
Potassium silicates have a non-blooming effect. They are frequently used for visible areas.