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Caffeine > for food fortification

Caffeine belongs to the group of purine-alkaloids. In its pure form, it is consisting in a white, crystalline substance or granules. It is an odourless, bitter-tasting substance, which is freely soluble in boiling water, somewhat soluble in water (20 °C), and slightly soluble in ethanol.
Caffeine is a natural substance and can be found in coffee, tea, cola nuts, mate leaves or guarana plants.


  • acts as a central nervous system stimulant
  • treatment of fatigue or drowsiness
  • helping to restore mental alertness or wakefulness
  • increasing the ability to concentrate
  • mood-enhancing
  • speeds up reaction time
  • in low concentration it decreases, in high concentration it increases the heart rate




Caffeine is available in powder form.
Stability: If stored in its unopened original packaging at room temperature (max. 25 °C), the product Caffeine Anhydrous Granular is stable for at least 48 months. The product should be stored in the tightly sealed packaging, protected from light.


Caffeine Anhydrous Granular is used for beverage applications (e.g. sports drinks, energy drinks) as flavour enhancer and stimulant. Caffeine Anhydrous Granular can also be used in food and dietary supplement products as energy bars, alertness aids, caffeine pills, caffeinated soft drinks and sports beverages.