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Surfactants > as solubilizers

Surfactants with solubilizing properties are used in a variety of formulations. The surfactants are added as a component where solubilizing performance is needed to obtain clear formulations. BTC´s surfactants are derived from natural and synthetic alcohols.


Lutensol®, Emulan®, Dehydol®, Glucopon®

Properties of our solubilizer surfactants

BTC’s Lutensol® grades, Emulan® grades and Dehydol® grades are alcohol ethoxylates. The Glucopon® grades are alkyl polyglucosides. Deriphat® is a sodium-N-lauryl-b-iminodipropionate. Solubilisation is applied to bring water-insoluble substances into a solution by incorporation into micelles. Our Lutensol®, Emulan®, and Dehydol® solubilizers with a nonionic structure are soluble in polar and unpolar (mineral oil) formulations and thus provide the required properties. Glucopon® is soluble in alkaline and acidic solutions as well as in potable water (2.7 mmol Ca2+ Ions/l). 

Applications of our solubilizer surfactants

Turbid or cloudy appearance in formulations can be avoided by applying solubilizers. Their use is independent of the respective application. Especially when alkoxylated surfactants are part of a formulation turbidity can occur. In such cases solubilizers are mandatory to obtain a clear formulation. In addition solubilizers enable the formulation of concentrated products.