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Compounded lubes > compressor fluids for industrial applications


Plurasafe® types


Compressor fluids from BTC fulfil the lubrication requirements of the majority of compressors in service today. Our premium synthetic fluids are the result of BASF’s comprehensive compressor fluid know-how with fundamental base fluid expertise in esters, PAGs and PAOs.


BTC’s compressor fluids are used in all compressor types including rotary vanes, rotary screw, reciprocating and centrifugal. The media to be compressed range from natural gas or air to chemicals like HCFC, HFC, CFC and CO2. Our compressor fluids are also used in refinery compressors used in platforming processes and LDPE hyper compressors, which are highly specialized applications.


The following companies have approved BASF compounded lubricants for compressor fluids: Burckhardt Compresssion AG, National Science Foundation (NSF) registered, Linde AG.