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Acid mixtures > for animal nutrition


BTC’s Lupro-Mix® and Lupro-Cid® organic acid mixtures combine the advantages of formic acid and propionic acid optimally for every application. As propionic acid is very efficient against moulds and formic acid being highly effective against bacteria, the decision on the recommended product is dependent on the type of microorganisms to be controlled by the preservative.




Lupro-Mix® is a corrosive organic acid mixture, containing 50% Amasil® 85 and 50% Luprosil®.
Lupro-Mix® NA is a partially buffered organic acid mixture, containing 40% Amasil® 85 and 38% Luprosil®.
Lupro-Cid® is a mixture, containing 75% Amasil® 85 and 25% Luprosil®.
Lupro-Cid® NA is an organic acid mixture, containing 63% Amasil® 85 and 18% Luprosil®.



Lupro-Cid® / Lupro-Cid® NA and Lupro-Mix®/ Lupro-Mix® NA acid mixtures are used

  • for feed acidification and preservation,
  • for optimizing feed hygiene,
  • for Salmonella prophylaxis in compound feed and feed raw materials, and
  • as silage additives.