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Lubricants and additives > for metal working

BTC offers a broad range of products which are suitable for the formulation of high-performance metalworking fluids. Cutting, rolling, stamping and milling of metals is practically inconceivable without the appropriate metalworking fluids. These fluids cool, lubricate, transport away swarf or rinse and therefore ensure trouble-free processes. BTC’s portfolio for these fluids includes surfactants and emulsifiers, solubilizers, coupling agents and foam control agents. 


Amine O, Breox®, Irgacor®, Irgafos®, Irgalube®, Irgamet®, Irganox®, Sarkosyl® O, Synative®


BTC supplies under the name Amine O a specific multifunctional corrosion inhibitor and emulsifier for metal workings fluids.

BTC’s Breox® range covers water soluble and water insoluble polyalklylene glycols (PAGs) and high viscosity polyalklylene glycols.

Irgacor® corrosion inhibitors protect ferrous metals against rust and oxidation. In some cases, multi-metal protection is possible. Oil soluble and water soluble products are available, with low foaming tendency and excellent air release. Use of ashless corrosion inhibitors can also reduce heavy metal contamination of the environment. Many of the products are FDA (Food and Drug Regulation USA) regulated for use in incidental food-contact applications.

BTC offers the broad range of antioxidants under the brand Irganox® for the use in metal working applications. The product range covers phenolic antioxidants, aminic antioxidants and antioxidant blends. The Irganox® types have outstanding properties. Beside others they

  • contain no diluents,
  • are easy to handle bright liquids,
  • offer superior thermal stability over conventional phenolic antioxidants such as Butylhydroxytoluol or 2,6 DTB (Di-tert. butyl phenol),
  • have good seal compability.

BTC’s Irgalube® types cover a broad range of ashfree extreme pressure /anti wear additives as well as premium ashless packages both for the use in metalworking fluids. Irgalube® types have extreme pressure / antiwear and antirust activity for metal working fluids, especially rolling oils. Irgalube® types are multifunctional additives providing excellent thermo-oxidative stability. They are an easy to handle bright liquid. They show a low toxicity and ecotoxicity as an antioxidant for environmentally acceptable ester base fluids.

Irgafos® is a secondary antioxidant for use in metal working fluids, functioning as extreme pressure /anti wear additive. Irgafos® offers benefits like

  • no corrosion of yellow metals,
  • no antagonism with corrosion inhibitors,
  • contains no diluents,
  • is an easy to handle liquid, 
  • will not release free phenols in use.

The ashless Irgamet® ranges offer both oil and water soluble products for use in metalworking fluids.  Several of the components have FDA (Food and Drug Regulation USA) /NSF (National Science Foundation, USA) approval.

Sarkosyl® is a special oil soluble corrosion inhibitor for the metal working industry. 

Synative® types for metal working are recommended as surfactants and emulsifiers, foam control agents, coupling agents and solubilizers and esters.


Amine O acts as emulsifier in soluble metal working fluids. The combination of Amine O and Sarkosyl® O, in a synergistic manner, protects metals in stearate and calcium complex greases against corrosion.

BTC’s Breox® polyalkylene glycol base stocks are used in many applications including

  • quenchants,
  • aluminum processing fluids,
  • mill and calendar

With the help of Irgacor® corrosion inhibitors and metal deactivators, formulations with excellent metal protection and thermo-oxidative stability are possible. With Irgacor® products lubricant marketers benefit from

  • ease of handling as most products in the portfolio are liquid,
  • low foaming tendencies,
  • compatibility in hard water,
  • multimetal protection,
  • formulation benefits as several products have emulsifying capabilities.

Irgafos® is recommend for cutting and grinding fluids.

Irgalube® extreme pressure / antiwear additives allow formulations with excellent wear protection and high thermo-oxidative stability for a variety of application areas.  With Irgalube® products lubricant manufacturers benefit from

  • excellent wear protection to extend equipment life via methods like the FZG (Forschungsstelle für Zahnräder und Getriebebau Technische Universität München) scuffing test for gears,
  • performance advantages without the environmental concerns of zinc dithiophosphate,
  • ease of use as most products in the portfolio are easy to handle liquids,
  • ease of use through low volatility, good compatibility with water and Calcium detergents,
  • no antagonism towards iron or yellow metal protection.

Irgamet® corrosion inhibitors and metal deactivators provide users with excellent ferrous or yellow metal protection and thermo-oxidative stability. They are often used together with Irganox® antioxidants to achieve superior antioxidant stability. The Irgamet® products offer benefits like

  • ease of handling as most products in the portfolio are liquid,
  • low foaming tendencies,
  • compatibility in hard water
  • no antagonism with EP/AW additives,
  • formulation benefits as several products have emulsifying capabilities.

Irganox® types protect against high temperature oxidation and nitro-oxidation of engine oils. They contain no diluents. The products are approved by FDA (Food and Drug Regulation USA) /NSF (National Science Foundation, USA) for use in blending lubricants with incidental food contact. They reduce slutch formation which can result from lubricant nitro-oxidation.

Applications for BTC’s Synative® types are, besides others

  • water miscible metal working fluids,
  • metal working fluid steel rolling oils,
  • metal working fluid neat oils.