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Performance additives > for the composite industry

Organic substrates such as composites are exposed to a variety of environmental and artificial factors like radiation, humidity, temperature change, microbiological attack, air pollution and more. BTC performance additives assist organic substances to withstand such impacts.

Light stabilizers (HALS and UV-absorbers) for thermoset composites

Light stabilizers for both interior and exterior composites applications are available as UVAs and Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS).





Properties of UVAs and HALS

Ultraviolet light can initiate chemical reactions in polymers which result in their breakdown and loss of their chemical and physical properties.

Chimassorb® types are

  • benzophenone based UV light stabilizers,
  • effective in thick thermoset composites applications.

BTC’s Uvinul® range covers both, UV-light stabilizers and HALS. Uvinul® provide

  • a low initial colour for low pigment content composites,
  • and for transparent composites applications.

The Tinuvin® range of light stabilizers and HALS provide

  • highly effective protection against UV absorption in the thermoset composites
  • for both interior and exterior composites applications.

Applications of UVAs and HALS

Resins, Gel coats and laminates for interior and exterior applications usually require the use of light stabilizers to prevent degradation due to damaging UV radiation from sunlight. Our Tinuvin®, Chimassorb® and Uvinul® light stabilizers protect the composites from damages caused by UV light radiation. Our HALS protect from radical formation to avoid loss of colour and mechanical properties.

Antioxidants for the thermoset composites




Properties of antioxidants

Irganox® types represent a complete range of antioxydants based on

  • sterically hindered phenol or thioesters,
  • as well as blends of different antioxydants classes.

Irgafos® types

  • are so-called secondary antioxidant process stabilizers,
  • are based on phosphite chemistry.

Applications of antioxidants

Irganox® and Irgafos® antioxidants

  • protect polymers from the effects of high-temperature processing, e.g. during the curing process,
  • help to maintain the physical and mechanical properties of the finished product over its lifetime.

Irganox® 1010 and Irganox® 1076 are the products of choice for composites and gel coats application.

Fluorescent whitening agents for thermoset composites



Properties and applications of fluorescent whitening agents

Our Tinopal® fluorescent whitening agents are designed to brighten composites applications.

Tinopal® optical brighteners

  • add fluorescence to coatings,
  • can brighten a gel coating or composites,
  • can mask yellowing in low pigmented and clearcoat applications.

Halogen-free flame retardants for thermoset composites

Environmental pressure on halogenated flame retardants has created demand for halogen-free formulations, especially in coating and composite applications.



Properties of halogen-free flame retardants

Melapur® types are flame-retardant additives acting by intumescence to protect against fire.  

Applications of halogen-free flame retardants

Melapur® types are used

  • for formulations in private and public applications,
  • for efficient flame retardant blends without the use of halogens,
  • when UV stabilization is required.
  • Melapur® has no impact on aging.

Further products for the composites industry

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About BTC

BTC Europe is BASF's European sales organization for small and medium-sized customers focused on specialty chemicals. Our solutions for thermoset composites cover the major ones like unsaturated polyester, epoxy, polyurethane, acrylics and UV systems.