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Setting polymers > for hair styling

Setting polymers are mainly used for styling products as well as for rheology modifiers, conditioning polymers and for emulsifying polymers.


Luviflex®, Luvigel®, Luvimer®, Luviquat®, Luviset®, Luviskol®, Ultrahold®


Luviflex® Soft is an anionic polymer for hair-styling mousses. It is supplied as 30% dispersion in water. Luviflex® Soft is soluble in ethanol. It is soluble in water if it is at least 50% neutralized.
Luvigel® Advanced is a multifunctional rheology modifier with outstanding setting, conditioning and care properties.
The Luvimer® grades are acrylate-based, show low viscosity and are water compatible. Luvimer® grades are styling polymers created especially for producing 55% VOC formulations. They provide long-lasting hold and outstanding curl retention in combination with excellent sprayability and can be used for volumizing, styling or finishing sprays.
The Luviquat® grades cover a wide spectrum of applications, which enables the formulator to select exactly the right product for his requirements.
Luviset® CAN is a fixative polymer that has been developed for aerosol and pump hairsprays and lotions. The properties of the polymer film are determined particularly by the type and quantity of the selected neutralising agent (amino component). This enables a wide selection of different film properties.
Luviset® Clear is a high performance hair styling polymer designed primarily for clear gels. It works equally well in mousses, setting lotions and alternative styling products. It provides crystal clear, non-tacky, humidity resistant properties.
Luviset® P.U.R. is a clear liquid with a possible faint blueish tint with a slight, characteristic odor. It is a hair-setting polymer that has been specially developed for use in hair sprays with a high water content (VOC 55 sprays). The unique character of this polymer gives additional cosmetic benefits such as flexibility.
Luviset® Shape is a high performance hair styling polymer designed primarily for water containing hair sprays. It works perfectly in both pump sprays and aerosols where it provides exceptionally smooth spray patterns, short dry time with non-tacky feel, strong setting and high humidity resistance. It is also suitable in setting lotions and alternative styling products.


Luviflex®, Luvigel®, Luvimer®, Luviquat®, Luviset®, Luviskol® and Ultrahold® polymers from BTC are used e.g. in aerosol mousses, pump mousses, hair styling products, conditioners, shampoos, hair-setting products, hair rinses, perms, bleaches and colourants.