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Waxes > as lipid layer enhancer

Similar to emollients, waxes affect the sensory profile of a formulation. They are malleable at ambient temperatures and stabilize emulsions
as the viscosity is increased by formation of lamellar structures in
oil-in-water formulations.


Monomuls®, Cutina®


Monomuls® 90 L12 is a molecularly distilled lauric acid monoglyceride which forms viscosity formations in aqueous surfactant solutions and acts as a lipid layer enhancer and prevents the skin from drying out. With its Cutina® and Monomuls® types, BTC offers esters of natural fatty acids with glycerine, fatty alcohols or ethylene glycol. The portfolio of waxes is complemented by hydrogenated vegetable oils, glycerides and fatty alcohols that function in a similar way in formulations.


Monomuls® 90 L12 finds applications in surfactant type washing and cleansing preparations.