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Zastosowanie Grupa chemiczna

Cationic polymers > for technical applications


Catiofast® (Fixing agents), Cedesorb® (Bentonite), Hydrocoll® (Bentonite), Percol® (Retention agents), Polymin® (Retention agents) , Telioform® (Retention & drainage agents)


BTC's retention and drainage aids and fixing agents (fixatives) guarantee a high yield of fibres and fillers. They assure a quick dewatering of the stock in the wet end section of the paper machine. In addition, they positively influence the formation of the paper web.


BTC's fixing agents (fixatives) are specially designed to neutralize anionic trash and prevent deposits of sticky particles (pitch, stickies) in the paper production process. They guarantee maximum yield of fibres and fillers in the final paper in combination with a cleaner filtrate.