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Antioxidants (processing stabilizers & long-term thermal stabilizers) > for the protection of plastics against thermal degradation

BTC Europe supplies a broad product portfolio of antioxidants used as processing and long-term thermal stabilizers. This includes a variety of technologies such as phosphite processing stabilizers, primary phenolic antioxidants, thiosynergists and metal deactivators, which help to protect polymers against the thermo-oxidative degradation.  This degradation not only occurs during melt processing but continues during the life cycle of the final article both at room as well as elevated temperatures.  HALS light stabilizers play an especially important role as hindered amine thermal stabilizers (HATS) and provide outstanding long term thermal performance at moderate use temperatures.
Adding BTC’s stabilizers Irgafos®, Irganox®, Irgastab®, Irganox®, Irgastab®, Chimassorb®, Tinuvin®, Uvinul® to plastics materials helps to prevent thermally induced degradation which can lead to early failure of end use articles.


Irgafos®, Irganox®, Irgastab®, Irganox®, Irgastab®, Chimassorb®, Tinuvin®, Uvinul®, Hycite®


Depending on the polymer in use, the processing technology as well as the requested end use article performance, BTC’s processing and thermal stabilizers can be chosen based on their thermal stability, substrate compatibility, volatility, absorption range, or regulatory classification as needed.


BTC’s thermal and processing stabilizers are suitable for polyolefins, PVC, styrencis, elastomers, rubbers, and engineering polymers to help our customers meet the specific needs. The antioxidants are used in the key plastics markets such as automotive, agriculture, building and construction, electric & electronics, packaging and textiles & fibres.


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