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Dispersions & Additives > for Wood and Trim Coatings

Wood is a popular substrate that creates natural living comfort and coziness. That is why the demand for coatings and paints that preserve the beauty of the wood is constantly growing.

Protecting and making exterior wood applications look better for longer thus becomes the holy grail for paint formulators. State-of-the-art formulations need to increase their service life as well as elongate their subsequent renovation intervals.

In the Joinery segment in addition optimizing the total cost of application is the key for success. For trim paints, top performance at low or zero VOC, the ease of application, gloss adjustment and leveling properties as well as sustainability and eco-labels dominate the list of needs.

The ongoing switch from solvent-borne to water-born systems and the total cost of formulation, not only due to the continuous shift towards DIY, are important developments to take in account.

Our comprehensive portfolio ranges from polymer dispersions, additives such as defoamers, rheology modifiers, opacifiers, dispersing agents and light stabilizers to the broadest offerings in pigments and pigments preparations and functional extenders to formulate:

Wood paints, cladding paints, wood stains, gloss and satin paints, trim paints, joinery coatings as well as tannin blocking coatings


Acronal®, Luhdran®, Joncryl®, AQAGloss®, AQACell®,  COL.9®, Dispex®, Hydrophalat®, Foamaster®, FoamStar®, Rheovis®, Loxanol®

Applications of our dispersions and additives 

Dispersions for Wood and Trim Coatings

BTC’s Acronal® range for wood and trim paints covers styrene and pure acrylics which offer a very high durability against the influence of weathering. In addition, our styrene acrylics have an outstanding chemical resistance, which is very important for exterior applications.

Our range of Acronal® Hide grades offer an improved hiding power which allows formulators to reduce their pigment demand.

Acronal® PLUS grades enable formulators to achieve superior properties such as
easy-to clean surfaces, extremely elastic paints to prevent crack-formation on the substrate due to weathering.

Our AQAGloss grades are water-born binders that achieve alkyd-like gloss levels.

Our Joncryl grades based on our new RC (rheology controlled) Technology offer outstanding wet adhesion and block-resistance.

Our Luhydran grades are self-crosslinking pure acrylics with highest resistances towards whitening, water absorption and household chemicals.

Our Acronal® EDGE is used to formulate premium paints with superior performance. Our products increase renovation cycles for exterior applications and let them remain as bright and shiny as on the first day. 

Dispersing agents for Wood and Trim Coatings

Dispex®, Dispex® HIDE and Dispex® Ultra dispersing agents are used to stabilize pigments and other particles within paints and coatings. For formulators, they represent an essential component as they provide 

  • increased color strength, 
  • outstanding viscosity stability,
  • increased hiding power,
  • reduced sedimentation of pigments and particles. 

Defoamers for Wood and Trim Coatings

BTC’s Foamaster® and Foamstar® defoamers are important process aids throughout the paint production as well as the application process in order to 

  • suppress and destroy foam and its negative effects prior to and during application,
  • remove or inhibit air bubbles.

Opacifiers for Wood and Trim Coatings

Our AQACellHide opacifier enables formulators to drastically reduce their titanium dioxide demand

Rheology modifiers for Wood and Trim Coatings

Rheovis® rheology modifiers enable formulators to adjust the flow behavior of paints. That way, painters benefit from improved viscosity and application characteristics. BTC’s Rheovis® rheology modifiers

  • reduce dripping and spattering of paint during roller or brush application, 
  • improve sag resistance of a paint by a rapid, but controlled viscosity-increase after application,
  • prevent sedimentation of the pigments within a formulation during transport and storage of the paint.

Film-Forming agents for Wood and Trim Coatings

Our Loxanol® grades are used to support the film-forming process of a paint or coating. Within this product group BTC offers high-performance coalescing agents.

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