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Low foaming surfactants > for detergents and cleaning agents

BTC´s low foaming surfactants are used in the detergents and cleaning industry as cleaning agents due to their strong washing performance and reduced foaming properties. They are derived from natural and synthetic alcohols.


Plurafac®, Dehypon®

Properties of our low foaming surfactants for detergents and cleaning agents

BTC’s Plurafac® grades are fatty alcohol alkoxylates. They are petrochemical sourced and they are low foaming nonionic surfactants. They consist of alkoxylated, predominantly unbranched fatty alcohols, and they contain higher alkene oxides alongside ethylene oxide. The fatty alcohol chains of some Plurafac® types terminate in an alkyl group. Their most important properties are wetting, low-foaming or even defoaming.

Dehypon® grades are fatty alcohol alkoxylates. The Dehypon® grades are oleochemical sourced. They are alkoxylated special grades providing very low foaming properties. The physical form varies from liquid to solid, even granules are available. Dehypon® grades are versatile useable and provide properties such as wetting, soil removal, low foaming and emulsification.

Low foaming surfactants are nonionic surfactants which are modified either by degree of alkoxylation or modified alkyl chain. The modification reduces the foam capacity. Most of the low foaming surfactants are available in liquid form, either 100% active or in a water diluted solution. The solubility of the low foaming surfactants increases in line with their cloud point. Products with a cloud point below room temperature can be made to form clear solutions by adding solubilizers such as alcohols and glycols.

Applications of our low foaming surfactants

Nonionic surfactants are predestined for the variety of cleaning applications in the industry. With our versatile Plurafac® and Dehypon® grades we offer outstanding detergency and cleaning properties to manufacture liquid dishwashing and technical cleaning agents where foam properties are disturbing. Especially the low foaming and foam suppressing surfactants are used as an additional additive in ware washing or automatic dish washing formulations (ADW) and further I&I applications like bottle cleaning and dairy cleaning.

Further products for the detergents and cleaners industry (industrial and institutional – I&I - and home care)

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About BTC

BTC Europe is BASF's European sales organization for small and medium-sized customers focused on specialty chemicals. Our solutions for the detergents and cleaners industry cover besides our low foaming surfactants also organic acids for detergents & cleaning and for technical formulations also surfactants, water soluble polymers, complexing agents, biocides, colourants, besides others.