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Actives > for skin care

Ultraviolet sun rays, smog, ozone gases, dry air or just the stress of day-to-day life – the skin is exposed to an array of threats. Therefore, an effective protection against external factors is very important in all personal care segments. Especially the demand for effective anti-aging actives that neutralize free radicals, slow down the formation of fine lines and wrinkles or retain the skin’s moisture, is increasing.
BTC offers a diverse portfolio of cosmetic active ingredients for multiple applications.


AMCTM, ActiwhiteTM, AH-CARETM, ArganylTM, BetapurTM, BiophytexTM, CollGuardTM, DermicanTM, DN-AgeTM, D-striaTM, ElestanTM, EperulineTM, FreshaxylTM, GenerolTM, HyalufixTM, Hyaluronic Filling SphereTM, HyalurosmoothTM, LinefactorTM, LipofructylTM, LitchidermTM, Lys'LastineTM, Marine Filling SphereTM, MariponicsTM, MAT-XSTM, MelhydranTM, MyoxinolTM, NeurobioxTM, OsmogelineTM, PatcH2OTM, PhytokineTM, PhytolightTM, PilisoftTM, ProteasylTM, PurisoftTM, RelipidiumTM, SkinasensylTM, Slim-ExcessTM, SphingocerylTM, SqisandrylTM, SymbiocellTM, ShadownylTM, SyniorageTM, TrichogenTM, TricholastylTM, Ultra Filling SpheresTM, VegeserylTM, Vit-A-LikeTM, X-PressinTM

Properties and applications of actives for skin care

The Advanced Moisturizing Complex AMCTM is an intense moisturizing complex with water binding properties, which strengthens the skin barrier. It shows immediate and long-term moisturization superior to hyaluronic acid.

ActiwhiteTMis a skin-lightening agent, which demonstrated anti-age spots activity in vivo.

The Amphoteric Hydroxy Comples AH-CARETM is an effective exfoliator with reduced stinging sensation and irritation. AH-CARETM visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines, enhances the skin radiance and provides moisturization.

ArganylTM shows as a good efficacy in protecting skin aging processes.
It has triple biological activity, in fighting against MMP (matrix metalloproteinase), collagenase, and free radicals.

BetapurTMregulates and balances the skin’s bacterial flora through activation of β-defensis synthesis in vitro. It visibly reduces pore size, appearances of oily skin and imperfections of acne prone skin.

BiophytexTM boosts microcirculation to improve evenness of skin tone. It shows anti-couperose and anti-eye dark circles benefits.

CollGuardTM protects and stimulates skin collagen network, shows anti glycation, anti MMP and anti free radicals effects and promotes functional collagen neo-synthesis in vitro.

DermicanTM is applied for targeted action on dermis structure via stimulating lumican and collagen synthesis in vitro. DermicanTMshows a global restructuring of the skin matrix. It is clinically proven that DermicanTM improves skin thickness and firmness.

DN-AgeTM protects for global skin rejuvenation by supporting the natural DNA repair system in vitro. It is clinically proven that DN-AgeTMvisibly prevents skin photo-aging.

D-striaTM reduces the tension of the striae-myofibroblasts, and stimulates elastin and collagen synthesis in vitro. It is clinically proven that D-striaTM visibly reduces the appearances of stretch marks.

ElestanTM shows anti-elastase and anti-gycation activities in vitro. It improves the elastin network and stimulates the GAGs synthesis (ex vivo). It is clinically proven that ElestanTM has a skin tonifying effect and visibly reduces stretch marks.

The unique target of EperulineTM is inflammaging. It fights against age-related chronic micro-inflammation, improves the epidermal barrier function and shows visible effects on improvement of skin firmness & elasticity.

FreshaxylTMshows bacteriostatic efficacy. Clinically proven tests show a reduction of the colour caused by perspiration.

GenerolTM is a moisturizer for dry and mature skin. It shows anti–inflammatory and skin barrier strengthening properties.

HyalufixTM GL is an activator for high molecular weight hyaluronic acid synthesis via hyaluronase synthase stimulation. It shows wrinkles filling effects. It is clinically proven that HyalufixTMGL visibly reduces the appearance of nasogenian fold.

Hyaluronic Filling SphereTM shows a smoothing effect on deep wrinkles and a long lasting hydration.

HyalurosmoothTM is a botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid (derivates). It is clinically proven that HyalurosmoothTM shows skin moisturization, enhances the smoothness and softness of the skin and improves skin radiance.

LinefactorTM C protects FGF-2, re-densifies dermis via stimulation of macromolecules synthesis (GAG, collagen), and stimulates aquaporin and filagrin synthesis in vitro. It is clinically proven that LinefactorTM C visibly improves skin texture and elasticity and reduces wrinkle depth (crow´s feet area).

LipofructylTM Argan is beneficial for skin softness, moisturization and nail care.

LitchidermTM is a free radical scavenger. It enhances the skin moisturization and skin complexion.

Lys'LastineTM V stimulates LOXL, and renews elastin functionality in vitro. It is clinically proven that Lys'LastineTM V visibly reactivates skin resilience, reshapes face contour and smoothes expression fine lines.

Marine Filling SphereTM fills wrinkles and shows long-term hydration.

MariponicsTM PSR prevents of and protects against skin pollution. It counter-regulates the effects of air pollutants. It is clinically proven that MariponicsTM PSR has a skin smoothing effect (wrinkles and pores) and improves skin condition and appearance.

MAT-XSTM Clinical inhibits the expression of 5α-reductase type 1, reduces the production of squalene in vitro and reduces visibly signs of oily skin in only 4 weeks.

MelhydranTMis a NMF-like activity in vitro. It shows moisturization and visibly improves skin micro-relief and diminishes skin roughness.

MyoxinolTMis an antioxidant. It smoothes expression lines. It is clinically proven that MyoxinolTMshows an anti-wrinkle efficacy.

NeurobioxTMstimulates the synthesis of POMC-related receptors (cells message transmission). It shows a triple action on skin surface rejuvenation with comparable results to glycolic acid. NeurobioxTM accelerates the epidermal renewal, improves the epidermal thickness and skin radiance in vivo. It is clinically proven that NeurobioxTM visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pore size and softens the skin.

OsmogelineTMreinforces the skin barrier via stimulation of involucrin and ceramides synthesis in vitro. OsmogelineTMis an anti–MMP-antioxidant in vitro and thus protects the skin. It visibly moisturizes and smoothes the skin surface within 3 days. The skin looks more radiant and luminous.

PatcH2OTM is an instant relief. It increases the skin hydration after 30 min of application (in vivo). PatcH2OTMshows sustained protection. Up to 48 hours of hydration even after just 1 application (in vivo). PatcH2OTMis an optimized moisturizing capital. It prolongs skin hydration up to 5 days after application (in vivo).

PhytokineTM activates in vitro the synthesis of ECM components: collagen I&II and total GAG´s. It stimulates the epidermal lipids synthesis and shows restructuring, regenerating and firming action.

PhytolightTMis an optimized and stabilized plant complex. It is used to eliminate melanin and avoid melanin synthesis, resulting in a whiter, brighter skin tone. This product is recommended for skin lightening products for the face and body.

PilisoftTM is an effective solution to visibly prolong and enhance the benefits of hair removal treatments. It improves the aesthetics and makes shaving easier.

ProteasylTM stimulates the collagens, GAG´s and elastin synthesis in vitro.
It shows anti-elastase inhibition in vitro. It is clinically demonstrated that ProteasylTM in addition improves the skin elasticity and firmness.

PurisoftTMshows anti-pollution benefits. It enhances the skin complexion and leads to a healthy glow. It is clinically proven that PurisoftTM improves skin purification and enhances cleansing.

RelipidiumTM stimulates the synthesis of lipids from the inside (in vitro). It repairs and reinforces the cutaneous barrier.
It shows a visible relipiding effect and long lasting moisturization (in vivo).

SkinasensylTM inhibits the release of CGRP neuro-mediator from sensory neurons. It increases the skin tolerance threshold. It is clinically proven that SkinasensylTM reduces sensations of pain and discomfort.

Slim-Excess addresses the specific polyamines (Spermine and Spermidine) of concern in fatty tissue and reduces cellulite and thigh circumferences by hindering their action.

SphingocerylTM supports skin barrier strengthening and improves skin comfort. In addition, the structuring and repair of the skin micro-relief is improved.

SqisandrylTMexclusively focuses on the DEJ via stimulation of collagen XVII and ladinin-1 synthesis. It strengthens the dynamic cohesion between the dermis and the epidermis (ex vivo). It is clinically proven that SqisandrylTMincreases the skin resilience, elasticity and firmness.

SymbiocellTM is a pro-tolerance cosmetic ingredient for sensitive skin. It regulates the dendritic cells activity (in vitro) via reversible modulation of CD-86 expression. It restores the skin comfort and shows anti-redness efficacy.

ShadownylTM stimulates the expression of heme oxygenase type-1 that catabolizes heme (red pigment) degradation. It shows strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. It is clinically proven that ShadownylTM visibly reduces the appearances of dark circles in 2 weeks and wrinkles in 1 week only.

SyniorageTMstimulates the synthesis of syndecan-1 (epidermis) and collagen XVII (DEJ). It provides skin firmness and elasticity. It refines the skin texture for specific senior ranges.

Ultra Filling SpheresTM enhances water absorption and swelling capacity. It provides long lasting moisturizing and smoothing of fines lines and deep wrinkles.

VegeserylTMprovides an anti-wrinkle/skin tightening, softening and soothing effect. It improves the skin elasticity and suppleness.

Vit-A-LikeTM is a botanical alternative to retinol with high tolerance and stability. It stimulates the cellular renewal and collagen synthesis in vitro. It is clinically proven that Vit-A-LikeTM shows an anti-wrinkle efficacy.

X-PressinTM optimizes and stabilizes enzymes, refreshes skin beauty and renews the skin´s youthful appearance. It is clinically proven that X-PressinTM visibly smoothes out, softens and enlightens the skin.