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Personal care industry

BTC supplies small and medium sized customers with innovative BASF cosmetics. Together with our customers we develop tailor-made solutions and on demand we support our customers in all laboratory and application-related questions.

BTC offers one of the most comprehensive ingredients portfolio in the personal care industry. Our portfolio is designed to meet the customers’ needs in the hair care, sun care, skin care, colour care and body care markets. The high quality product range includes surfactants, emulsifiers, polymers, emollients, cosmetic active ingredients, pigments, UV filters, thickeners, protein products, lipid layer enhancers and more. BTC constantly strives to anticipate the requirements of the personal care market and delivers innovative products for the sustainable development of the industry.

BTC’s selected ingredients for the cosmetics industry cover the following applications, besides others

  • Colourless, oily, practically odorless triethyl citrate liquids as non microbicidal deodorant active substances.
  • Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products that help to protect the skin against photoaging.
  • Polyglucosides providing improved hair conditioning properties in shampoo formulations.
  • Lipid layer enhancers for cleansing products.
  • Solubilizers for the production of aqueous cosmetic preparations.
  • Pearlescent surfactant preparations for preparation of creative visual effects in personal cleansing products.
  • Esters of natural fatty acids with glycerine, fatty alcohols or ethylene glycol.
  • Nonionic emulsifiers for the production of cosmetic W/O emulsions.
  • Performance wax dispersion providing significant protection against hair breakage.
  • Naturally derived performance additives supporting moisturization claims.
  • Skin identical amino acid compositions for improvement of skin and mucous membrane compatibility of surfactant formulations.
  • Protein hydrolizates showing substantial penetration into the hair shaft.
  • Nonionic surfactant blends for all cosmetic surfactant-based formulations.
  • Sun filters using microfine particle technology which acts both as a micropigment and organic UV absorber.
  • Odourless and colourless UVB filter with outstanding purity for perfume free formulations.
  • Water and alcohol soluble anionic UV light stabilizers.
  • Surfactants used to keep emulsion well dispersed.
  • Hydrophilic waxes that build structures in the emulsion.
  • Anionic polymer for hair-styling mousses.
  • Hair styling polymers designed primarily for clear gels.
  • Thickening, stabilizing and emulsifying agents for cosmetic formulations.
  • Cationic self-emusifying bases for quick and easy preparation of hair care emulsions.
  • Mild surfactant base for baby cleansing concepts.

Industry-specific solutions

Customers from different industries have different requirements and needs. BTC‘s in–depth industry knowledge is the basis for tailor-made solutions for our customers in terms of profitability and quality.
For further information please contact your responsible BTC experts.