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Surfactant compositions > for various rinse preparations

BTC offers a comprehensive surfactants portfolio which includes anionic, amphoteric, non-ionic, and cationic surfactants as well as surfactant compounds with exceptional performance and mildness. 


Dehyquart®, Plantacare®, Plantapon®, Texapon®


BTC’s Dehyquart® range comprises cationic self-emusifying bases for quick and
easy preparation of hair care emulsions. They show excellent conditioning, combability properties.
Plantacare® K55 is used as a basic and secondary surfactant for cosmetic cleansing preparation. It contributes to the dermatological improvement in the final product.
Plantapon® 611 C is suited as concentrated base surfactant for universal application in mild cosmetic cleansing preparations for skin and hair.
Plantapon® PSC is suitable for mild, natural, renewable body & hair cleansing concepts. It is cold processable, shows very good foam behaviour, excellent thickening properties with Lamesoft® PO 65 in combination with cocamidopropyl betaine. Final viscosity adjustment with NaCl is possible. 
Plantapon® SF is a mild surfactant base as alternative to sulfate based surfactants for body & hair cleansing concepts, particularly baby cleansing concepts. It is natural-oriented & environmentally friendly.
It has excellent EO free thickening capability using Lamesoft® PO 65 and common thickeners. It shows additional care effects in combination with Lamesoft® PO 65.
Texapon® MC 120 shows easy handling as well as effective and economic processibility.
Texapon® MC 120 is a cold-processible base surfactant blend that perfectly
complies with the need for convenient and economic solutions without compromising product performance.
Texapon® WW 100 shows good dissolving capacity of high fractions of cosmetic oils and/or oil compounds. The product is suited for use in the preparation
of oily foam and cleansing preparations with lipid layer enhancing properties.


Dehyquart®, Plantacare®, Plantapon®, Texapon® products are used in surfactant preparations, shampoos, shower and bath products and more.