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A completely new touch of colour – Sicopal® Red EH 2370 (L 3050)

You have never seen an inorganic red pigment like this before. So saturated, yet heat and weather-resistant at the same time. An innovative high- performance inorganic red pigment developed for use in industrial and architectural coatings is behind this. Take advantage of it and expand your design options for the most demanding applications.

The colour red radiates warmth and simultaneously catches the eye – benefitting many designs in both interior and exterior applications. As a result, red pigments are in high demand. Even better that a pigment is now available which did not previously exist in this form.

High colour saturation and durability

“Our Sicopal® Red EH 2370 (L 3050) high-performance inorganic pigment has enabled us to add not just an attractive, but also a previously missing colour to the range of red high-resistance pigments,” says Albert Ensenyat, Business Manager for Pigments at BTC. “Our customers can expect very high colour saturation from our new inorganic red compared to iron-oxide red pigments. When it comes to product safety, our pigment, which does not require a warning label, is an effective substitute for lead chromates.” With Sicopal® Red EH 2370 (L3050), BTC has a stand-out product on the market. It is listed in the Colour Index (CI) as PR 290.

Ideal formulation partner

The benefits of the pigment are in its excellent opacity, which is combined with high temperature and chemical resistance. In addition, Sicopal® Red EH 2370 (L 3050) has the highest alkali resistance, making it ideal for systems with high pH values. Another significant factor for customers is that the new high-performance red pigment is an ideal formulation partner which, in combination with organic and inorganic high-performance pigments, enables the creation of more chromatic and durable red shades.

The advantages at a glance

  • High colour saturation and excellent performance
  • Outstanding heat and weather resistance in all concentrations
  • Exceptional choice to prevent bleaching of pale colour shades in exterior architectural applications due to its heat resistance in white reduction

Our Expert

Albert Ensenyat, Business Manager for Pigments at BTC, joined the BASF Group in 2002 and developed different functions in sales until 2016, when he took on his current role. He has over 30 years of experience in the coatings industry and has worked with multi-national companies, such as DuPont, Herberts and Beckers. “My goal is to promote pigments and colourants in different sectors and support the organisation as a whole in achieving our goals and making our lives more colourful.”

You can find additional information about Sicopal® Red EH 2370 (L 3050) directly using our website for automotive and industrial coatings industry or the architectural coatings industry.

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