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A new Hydrotrope that enables high performing cleaner formulations - Glucopon® 100 DK

Do you have one of the following challenges?

  • Your hydrotrope foams too much
  • You want to formulate for EU Ecolabel
  • You need to reduce the VOC content of your formulation
  • You have issues with the processability of your hydrotrope
  • You need a GHS label free hydrotrope
  • Your hydrotrope doesn‘t work in highly alkaline solutions
  • Your hydrotrope is not compatible with plastics
  • Your hydrotrope doesn‘t allow you the high concentration you need

Then it might be worthwhile to test Glucopon® 100 DK in your formulation!

You can find additional information about Glucopon® 100 DK and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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