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An ecological answer to market needs: Luconyl® NG

Regulatory requirements in the coatings market are constantly changing. How about a product line that is regularly adapted and rejuvenated? The Luconyl® NG portfolio of BTC Europe is always at the cutting edge of market needs. This ensures improved handling in your tinting machine and allows you to produce VOC-free decoration systems. It is the answer to customers’ current and future demands for environmental protection, offering an odourless product, requiring no label under the 2015 GHS labelling regulations and fulfilling all common eco labels requirements. In short, Luconyl® NG meets all the market demands for interior and exterior architectural coatings.

Covering a comprehensive colour space
The comprehensive range of 20 organic and 18 inorganic products allows customers to cover an extremely comprehensive colour space. For highly-demanding pH applications like silicate paints or stucco, we recommend the use of our inorganic pigment preparations. Moreover, Luconyl® NG is now available in small packaging units (1 litre), making the whole range suitable for the POS (Point of Sales).

The answer to the challenge of heat
Luconyl® NG is also the answer to the latest design trend in façade paints towards darker colours where heat built up is a major challenge. Black or dark grey being a demanding task, Luconyl® NG Black 0095 is the key product to improve Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) values and to make your formulation cool. The “CoolSim” software, specially developed by BASF, can support customers in choosing the best combination of chromophores to use for their optimal formulation meeting desired Heat Management properties.

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