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Colourful diversity: Dyes for dishwasher detergents

When shopping for dishwashing detergents, customers are often faced with a myriad of possible choices. The product range is becoming increasingly diversified and ever more colourful. “The product portfolio of dishwasher detergents has grown considerably, particularly with regard to the colours that are now available,” says Michael Schork, Global Marketing Manager Home & Personal Care Colorants at BASF. 

Requirements for dyes

While most dishwashing detergents used to be green or blue, now there are products in all kinds of colours. This depends also on the development in fragrances. It goes without saying that a dishwashing detergent with a lavender fragrance for example would have to be soft purple instead of yellow, for example. At the same time, the general requirements for dishwasher detergents and the dyes and pigments they contain are continuously increasing. Among other things, the individual ingredients need to be light resistant and pH stable. 

Colours that are easily recognized

Colours are allusive, they draw attention and boost sales. Brand recognition can be considerably enhanced thanks to colourful products, as customers tend to remember the colour of products they were satisfied with. This applies both to the design and the product itself, which truly comes into its own in transparent packaging. 

Versatile dyes for dishwashing detergents: Iragon® and Puricolor®

The Iragon® and Puricolor® dyes unlock numerous opportunities for formulating dishwashing detergents while also meeting individual requirements. The high quality of Iragon® und Puricolor® dyes is confirmed by means of full documentation in line with the EU Detergents Regulation.

Our Expert

Michael Schork is a trained fabric dyer and began gathering professional experience in the textiles sector back in 1981. After additional commercial training and a degree in Business Economics, Schork has been active in marketing since 1991. In 2004, he moved into marketing and product management for dyes. The technical understanding he gained during his training and the corresponding affinity for colours and fashion help him to this day, he says. At BTC, Schork is responsible for the global marketing of home and personal care colourants. He is enthusiastic about advising customers in their selection of colours, discovering trends and coming contact with different cultures. “Also, I constantly come into contact with the product in everyday life,” says Schork – for example when he buys a dishwashing detergent in the supermarket which contains a dye made by BASF. 

You can find additional information about Iragon® and Puricolor® contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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