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Enabling Choices for Colors & Whites Universal Laundry Detergents

BASF offers the right solution for this: Tinopal® optical brighteners leave white clothes looking brilliant and brighter for longer. Sokalan® HP dye transfer inhibitors prevent bleeding dyes from staining other garments. Combined, they ensure that whites remain white for longer and colors stay bright.

Your Choices to formulate laundry detergents with Color Care and Whiteness Claims:

  • Tinopal® CBS-X and Sokalan® HP 56 Granules for powder detergents
  • Tinopal® CBS-CL with Sokalan® HP 165 or Sokalan® HP 56 K for liquid detergents 
  • All these focused ingredients meet the Ecolabel criteria 

Your Choices — Your Claims:

  • Color care and whitest white for powder and liquid detergents
  • Maintains whiteness and inhibits dye transfer for liquid detergents

You can find additional information about enabling choices for colors & whites, universal laundry detergents and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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