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Enhancing tank safety with KEROFLUID® MIL-AL-41: frost protection for jet fuel

BASF has further enhanced its portfolio of jet fuel additives with KEROFLUID® MIL-AL-41, a fuel system icing inhibitor specially designed for military jets and small aircraft.

Kerosene contains a small amount of dissolved water. At the low temperatures found at high altitudes, this water can settle and freeze, forming ice crystals that block filters or fuel lines and can cause dangerous incidents. In commercial aircraft, this is generally prevented by the use of Fuel Oil Heat Exchangers. However, ice formation is more of a problem in business jets, helicopters and military jets, which are not equipped with such a system. Frost protection additives are a legal requirement for precisely this reason. Our fuel system icing inhibitor (FSII) KEROFLUID® MIL-AL-41 has the properties needed for this.

An additive for tank safety

As an additive for aviation turbine fuel, KEROFLUID® MIL-AL-41 contains diethylene glycol monomethyl ether (DiEGME) and prevents the formation of ice crystals by lowering the freezing point of water to that of the jet fuel. In doing so, KEROFLUID® MIL-AL-41 makes a vital contribution to safety.

Approval for military jet fuels

KEROFLUID® MIL-AL-41 is approved for use in military jet fuels in accordance with MIL DTL-85740(B) and DEF-STAN 68-252 (NATO Code S 1745), as well as for jet fuel in general aviation as per ASTM D4171.

Can be supplied in large containers and small quantities

BTC supplies KEROFLUID® MIL-AL-41 in bulk, in IBCs and in drums for fuel manufacturers, but also in one-litre canisters for suppliers of accessories for small aircraft.

You can find further information on KEROFLUID® MIL-AL-41 and other aviation fuel additives from BASF here.