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Effective Open Plant Cleaning Loves Low Temperatures

In the Food & Beverage processing industry cleanliness and hygiene are a must. To fulfill these requirements there is still room for improvement in terms of shorter cleaning times, improved foaming behavior, better cleaning results and reduced energy consumption.

In the BASF I&I application laboratory a dedicated method was established to test the performance of foam cleaners. Besides, a range of cleaner formulations was developed to meet the market needs and on top deliver high cleaning performance at low temperatures. This contributes to sustainable development by saving energy resources. 

BASF proposes a range of open plant foam cleaner formulations which:

  • Cling on vertical surfaces up to 20 minutes
  • Show equal cleaning performance to market products at high temperatures
  • Show at low temperatures significant better cleaning performance than benchmark
  • Are independent of water hardness due to the use of the chelating agent Trilon® M Liquid
  • Are easily rinsed off with cold water
  • Offer the possibility for a broad application spectrum, due to the high flexibility in terms of alkaline content (0 - 20%)

Effective Open Plant Cleaning at low temperatures.
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