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Inspiring ideas for your formulation

When it comes to formulation, discussions with experts on specific content are vital. That is why, in early June, BTC Europe organised two events for all interested customers in the France and Benelux regions. At the events, BASF experts explained the subtleties of the portfolio and were available for questions and discussion.

Wide range of topics: from defoamers to surfactants

Held for the second time, the event was hosted this time around by Antwerp, Belgium – home to BASF's second-largest European factory – and Levallois, France, the headquarters of BASF France. The focus was on surfactants, defoamers and polymers, and there were also specific presentations on biocides, corrosion protection agents, sustainable solvents and waxes. The sectors the participants came from were as wide-ranging as the topics, but they all had one thing in common: “All of them were long-standing customers or direct customers of BASF,” says Remy Jambon, Sales Manager BTC West. This is part of the event's concept. After all, it is all about guests discussing and networking together.

Brainstorming, inspiration, stimulus

“It is always great to be able to hold more detailed discussions with customers like this,” emphasises Jambon. The many invited guests shared his opinion, praising aspects such as the quality of the BASF experts when providing feedback afterwards. “The depth of expertise was extremely helpful,” said one, for example. “It all really helped me to develop a wide range of new ideas.” The extent of the material presented also made it clear that the key here was brainstorming, inspiration and stimulus for new opportunities.

The series of events will continue

The event in Antwerp was accompanied by a tour of the factory, for example, while guests in Levallois were visited by Olivier Ulbrich, the Managing Director of BASF France, during their lunch. “The guests provided very detailed feedback,” sums up Jambon who already knows that the event will be held again next year – as inspiration for everyone who works with formulation in their business field and as a very useful get-together for all parties: BTC, BASF experts and customers.

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