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Naturality is a must, traceability is key, social impact a major concern

BASF is strongly committed to not only develop new solutions for beauty, but also to improve the existing portfolio and bring it to a higher standard to answering consumer needs and contribute to preserving the planet.

  • Improvement of Naturality Index: new naturalness score for Hyalufix®, Neurobiox® and Relipidium®, that are now 100% natural origin thanks to bio-based glycols.
  • Today, 40 bioactive are 100% of natural origin (ISO 16128 standard) and more than 20 are cosmos approved
  • Reduction of energy consumption of 15% per ton produced in the last 3 years (ISO 50001 – Pulnoy site)
  • Work on enrichment of sustainable program with the last launch of rambutan line

You can find additional information about Naturality and contact your local BTC partner directly using our website for your industry.

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