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Plantapon® WW 1000 The perfect surfactant compound for clear non-aqueous shower and baths oils

Finding the right surfactant system for clear non-aqueous shower and bath oils can be difficult. The trend towards higher oil levels, the use of more natural oils and different oil combinations, creates a real challenge for the solubilizing capacity of surfactant systems.

We are now proud to offer our new compound Plantapon® WW 1000 specially developed to achieve excellent performance.

Performance Profile

  • Excellent solubilization of natural oils even at high oil concentrations
  • Clearly soluble in non-aqueous oil formulations (with oils of almost any polarity)
  • Good foaming performance even in the presence of high oil content
  • Robust water-free shower and bath oils
  • Cold processable

Please ask us for more details and formulation examples. 

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