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Puricolor® Blue: improved handling with granulate

The Caribbean, glacier water, mountain lakes – consumers immediately associate terms like “cool freshness” or “invigorating refreshment” with the colour blue. And blue is actually the most popular colour among people all over the world. That is why blues are particularly suited to products in the personal care and home care sectors. A shower gel named “Ocean Breeze” has to be blue, as do laundry detergents, cleaning products, shower gels and fabric softeners that aim to provide freshness.

Impressive production hygiene, easy dosing

With Puricolor® Blue ABL9-X FDA, BTC's range now includes a special shade of blue from the BASF portfolio. Puricolor® Blue has been available as a granulate since summer 2015 – a change that offers many benefits compared to the powder that was common before. “Customers told us what they wanted, and we put it into practice,” says Michael Schork, Global Marketing Manager Home and Personal Care Colorants at BTC Europe. Granulates do not create any dust, making handling easier and improving production hygiene during manufacturing considerably – both by making dosing easy and thanks to the fact that granulates do not stick. 

Broad portfolio of dyes

“The solubility is also improved,” emphasises Gisela Herzog, BTC Marketing & Sales Manager Europe for Colorants Home and Personal Care. The shade of blue he ultimately chooses is entirely up to the customer; it can be adjusted using the quantity in the formulation. Customers who want additional shades for their product, for example for dishwasher tabs, will find a wide range of pigments and dyes in the BTC portfolio under the Puricolor® and Iragon® brands. 

Additional information

The advantages of the new Puricolor® Blue ABL9-X FDA granulate at a glance:

  • Certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as are all Puricolor® FDA groups
  • Excellent solubility
  • Does not create dust, easy dosing
  • No adhesion
  • Only small amounts of dye required

Our expert

Michael Schork is a trained fabric dyer and began gathering professional experience in the textiles sector back in 1981. After additional commercial training and a degree in Business Economics, Mr. Schork has been active in marketing since 1991.  In 2004, he moved into marketing and product management for dyes. The technical understanding he gained during his training and the corresponding affinity for colours and fashion help him to this day, he says. At BTC, Mr. Schork is responsible for the global marketing of home and personal care colorants. He is enthusiastic about advising customers in their selection of colours, discovering trends and coming contact with different cultures. “Also, I constantly come into contact with the product in everyday life,” says Mr. Schork – for example when he buys a shower gel in the supermarket which contains a dye made by BASF. 

You can find additional information about Puricolor® Blue ABL9-X FDA and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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