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Show your colours: strengthen your brand with colourful antifreeze agents

Our portfolio of dyes can be used in many applications thanks to their stable properties – including in the automotive industry. Use your antifreeze agents to show your colours and grab attention on the market.

Many antifreeze agents have a similar appearance. If you want your product to stand out from the crowd, you can therefore use unusual colours to create a product that sticks in customers’ memories. Our Iragon® and Puricolor® portfolio contains a large selection of high-quality dyes which can help illuminate your antifreeze agents – also in custom formulations.

Bright colours help with spillage

Striking colours are not only easier to see on the shelf, but also in the garage: if the car radiator has a leak, or you spill some of the product when filling, it is far easier to see it if the antifreeze is bright green rather than transparent, for example.

Excellent stability

All our dyes are extensively tested and are very soluble. When stored appropriately, they are very stable and do not lose colour or coagulate. The majority of dyes in the portfolio can also be stored for longer periods without any problems, even when transparent containers are used.

Our Expert

Hermann Pütz’s career is defined by colour tones, their stability and effects. After completing an apprenticeship as a paint laboratory technician and a subsequent paint engineering degree, he worked in paint development at BASF for almost 20 years. Following spells at Cognis among others, and with new knowledge in tow, he has been working in technical marketing of BTC since 2014. “The selection of suitable dyes is the cornerstone for the quality of a formulation. I am happy to call on my years of experience to assist our customers in making this selection.”

You can find additional information about Iragon® and Puricolor® in the corresponding One Pagers in the Download Centre or directly using our website for your automotive & oil industry.

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