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Joncryl® Biomass Balance resins for packaging inks and coatings

Are your customers asking for products based on renewable raw materials? New Joncryl® Biomass Balance resins for packaging inks and coatings achieve the same standards as conventional products and do not require any new investment in equipment. Jan van Delft, Commercial Marketing Printing & Packaging, explains.

What is Joncryl® Biomass Balance?

Resins are generally based on crude oil. BASF can now substitute crude by vegetable oil derived from waste products (compost) or sustainable palm plantations. Our new Joncryl® BM Biomass Balance resins are produced with these renewable materials. 

What are the advantages of Biomass Balance? 

Our customers are asking for resins based on renewable materials in order to improve the sustainability and marketability of their products. The Biomass Balance approach allows the manufacture of water-based inks containing renewable raw materials without the need to change printing and/or converting processes. The production of one tonne of Joncryl® Biomass Balance ‒ compared with that of a conventional product ‒ can reduce carbon dioxide by the same amount as a car emits over a distance of 4,500 km.

Can the same standards be achieved with biomass- as with fossil-oil-based inks and functional packaging coatings? 

Yes. A good example for the purposes of comparison is electricity, which is the same whether it is generated using solar/wind energy or fossil fuels.

How can you guarantee that your products are based on renewable raw materials? 

The raw materials are processed in our Ludwigshafen plant. The in-house and external supply process has been independently certified this year by TÜV SÜD. The complete process is documented ‒ from renewable feedstock to final product as delivered to the customer ‒ and every customer receives a certificate. Furthermore, this chain is reviewed every year.

You can find additional information about Joncryl® Biomass Balance and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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