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Sustainable solution for wood lacquer: Acronal® EDGE 6338 enables a true one-coat-hide using water-born dispersion

  • Unique solid content of 60 per cent guarantees one-coat-hide
  • Saves capacities, costs and CO2 emissions during transport
  • Efficient, sustainable and harmless to health

No more compromises! Acronal® EDGE 6338 is the first dispersion for environmentally and health-friendly water-based wood lacquers that guarantee one-coat-hide.

Wood is viewed as the construction material of the future. One of the oldest construction materials of the world is currently in great demand as it is natural, sustainable and durable. However, wood needs to be coated regularly to ensure it remains permanently attractive and durable. Until now, applying wood paint always meant a compromise: users could either apply environmentally and health-friendly water-based paints and lacquers, which do not provide sufficient hiding power and generally require a second coat, or they could decide on a single coat, but use products that produce worrisome solvent vapours.

Alternatives to solvent-based wood lacquers

The innovative Acronal® EDGE 6338 dispersion from BASF, which BTC offers its customers, combines the best of both worlds: This enables manufacturers to reliably produce water-based paints and lacquers with one-coat-hide. The new premium product was developed specifically for trim applications in inside areas, but is equally suited for formulations to protect wood in external applications.


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A wood lacquer with Acronal® EDGE 6338 hides with just a single coat. This can be seen by comparing with a conventional water-based wood lacquer.

“We have been able to transfer the desired inherent properties from solvent-based dispersions to a water-based alternative,” says Thomas Renz, Senior Technical Expert for Dispersions at BTC Europe. “With Acronal® EDGE 6338 as a dispersion, wood can be completely covered in just a single coat – and this with excellent rheology, as the brush resistance corresponds to that of solvent-based lacquers. This creates a pleasant, soft feeling when painting.”

Polymer dispersions with 60 per cent solid content. A maximum of what is possible!

The successful recipe of Acronal® EDGE 6338 is its unbeatable solid content of 60 per cent with a multiphase polymer. In comparison, the solid content of conventional water-based dispersions is around 45 per cent. “A multi-phase dispersion with such a high polymer concentration is brand new on the market. We have reached physical limits of this product property. Much more than 60 per cent isn’t possible,” emphasizes Renz.

Both manufacturers of paints and lacquers, as well as painters and their customers benefit from the diverse advantages provided by Acronal® EDGE 6338. This starts with transport and storage. Due to the high solid content, less water has to be transported, which saves both freight capacities and costs and reduces the CO2 emissions.

More solids, less water, yet the same volume: Acronal® EDGE 6338 saves freight capacities and costs.

Thanks to Acronal® EDGE 6338, paint manufacturers can now offer painters products which are health-friendly, can be processed easily and reduce the effort and associated working costs at the same time, as only one coat is required. Water-based wood coatings are also more pleasant for the end customers in interior applications. “The owner has a fresh wood coating, without the entire house smelling of solvents,” clarifies Renz.

Acronal® EDGE 6338 with biomass balance

Acronal® EDGE 6338 complements the comprehensive portfolio of wood and trim coatings from BASF. This new dispersion is also available as a biomass-balanced version. You can find more information on the BASF biomass balance approach here.

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Our Expert

Few people know the innovative dispersion solutions of BASF as well as Thomas Renz: he began his career at the chemical corporation 38 years ago with an apprenticeship in the area of chemicals and technology. Over the subsequent decades he was involved in development projects as well as playing an active role in the commercial area and in technical marketing. More than ten years ago Renz then switched to BTC Europe, where he answers all questions relating to adhesives and construction materials as a Senior Technical Expert in the Dispersions division. “What’s exciting is that I have been able to accompany the development of dispersions over a period of four decades. Paint itself hasn’t been reinvented – but its properties are of higher quality in every way than at the beginning of my career,” says Renz.