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Luvitec® specialty polymers

Luvitec® products are chemically and biologically inert. They are very stable in a wide temperature and pH range which is due to the polyethylene polymer backbone.


There is no hazard risk in case of body contact. PVP has been used for many years in cosmetics and hair care applications. Luvitec® PVP provides the following features: Non-sensitizing, no evidence of mutagenic potential and non-toxic to aquatic organisms.

LUVITEC K 17 POWDER 30161446 offer
LUVITEC K 30 POWDER 30161438 offer
LUVITEC K 30 SOLUTION 30% 30161517 offer
LUVITEC K 60 SOLUTION 35% 30253830 offer
LUVITEC K 80 POWDER 30161436 offer
LUVITEC K 85 CQ SOLUTION 20% 30161505 offer
LUVITEC K 85 POWDER 30161435 offer
LUVITEC K 90 CQ SOL.20% 30253635 offer
LUVITEC K 90 CQ SOLUTION 10% 30452340 offer
LUVITEC K 90 HM POWDER 30163755 offer
LUVITEC K 90 POWDER 30161432 offer
LUVITEC K 90 POWDER S 30161433 offer
LUVITEC K 90 SOLUTION 20% 30161507 offer
LUVITEC VA 64 POWDER 30161522 offer
LUVITEC VA 6535 P 30469597 offer